Afshin OmidiMedia Management Researcher
Afshin Omidi
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Afshin Omidi

Media Management Researcher

About Me

Currently, I am a Ph.D. student in the field of Media Management at the University of Tehran, Iran. During my study in university, I was awarded as the top student at the faculty of management and also I won a highly competitive scholarship award from the National Elites Foundation of Iran, Tehran, Iran. Moreover, previously I ranked 1st among 426 people in Ph.D. (2018) and also 1st among 4093 people in M.A. (2015) entrance examination in Iran.  

With great regard to interdisciplinary studies, my research interests include pervasive topics that intersect with media firms and strategic management. In particular, giving special focusing on creative industries, I am strongly interested in Media Innovation and also Dynamic Capabilities theory.